Energy roofs (on-grid, private consumption or to supply the public grid)

are a new option to integrate the photovoltaic concept based on on-grid systems as early as in the planning stage of new built houses. From the very beginnings, the private consumption and selling of solar power are perfectly aligned in this concept.

With respect to this concept, we implement all options to produce, sell and save electricity and to insulate your building for you.

MTS-Energy EnergiedachNew with this concept is the radical solution:

optimized insulation by selecting appropriate building materials. Specific energy-saving units all the way to complete LED lighting systems. Storage technology and output planning for ideally combined private consumption and sale of excess electricity. And all this not at a later point of time but right in the building stage – perfectly and economically aligned to each other and integrated to achieve highest efficiency.

Heating, cooling, cooking, washing, lighting: the perfect solution with your future energy roof. Decide for a future concept today.


If you intend to build a house, contact us and benefit for decades from the efficiency a perfect energy system facilitates. Make our energy roof part of your plans up from the very beginnings.
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