LED – the future’s light

LED - das Licht der Zukunft

In the age of high energy prices, common light bulbs and similar energy-consuming lighting products are a thing of the past. Especially those companies that require extended daily lighting will benefit from switching to LED lighting systems. However, private households can just as well drastically reduce their energy costs. Thanks to the extremely low energy consumption rates, investments in LED lighting systems will amortize quickly.

It saves a lot of CO2 and you will even enjoy receiving your electricity bill in the future.

The safety standards imposed on LED lighting systems exceed those of common lighting materials by far when it comes to fire protection, heat development and security!



All advantages at a glance:

– extremely low energy consumption
– high life expectancy
– eco-friendly
– vibration-resistant
– non-flickering
– harmless low voltage
– little heat development
– extremely low thermal radiation on objects
– free from harmful radiation
– no pollutant emission
– low disposal costs
– various light colors available
– quickly pays off by up to 90% less energy consumed


We offer nearly all customary LED lighting products.


Our service range:

– sale of LED lighting products
– profitability calculation for renewal of industrial lighting systems
– preparation of lighting concepts
– design and planning of LED lighting systems in industry and trade

We’re pleased to provide you with profound and competent advice.