Off-grid photovoltaic packages (private consumption)

and on-grid systems (for selling electricity)

We offer complete ready-for-use photovoltaic packages in various standard sizes ranging from 1.4 to 10 kW output for private consumption and grid supply.

Additionally, we care for the entire project planning and implementation of customized photovoltaic systems for industrial units and business enterprises, for agricultural farms and even for solar parks – in a performance range of up to several megawatts.

Apart from wind power and biogas, photovoltaic is THE economic and eco-friendly energy source. MTS Energy GmbH offers various high-quality and durable photovoltaic packages of different output categories. These photovoltaic packages provide all the technology it takes to install them on existing roofs or at other suitable locations. After it has been installed properly, all you need is an electrician to connect the system correctly to your home grid’s distributor. We are pleased to help you finding a competent partner.



Photovoltaic system for a power farm


Photovoltaic system for a private home


Photovoltaic system for an industrial roof


By focusing on private consumption, this system makes you independent from the increasingly more difficult conditions imposed on feeding electricity into the public grid, the public sponsoring of which is continuously reduced and will be ceased completely in the nearer future. The cheapest electricity is the one that you don’t even consume from the public grid. Your one-time investment will amortize within just a few years. You will only need public electricity to cover your peak needs then. In just a few years, high-performance energy storage options that allow for saving and tapping non-consumed electricity whenever it is needed will be available on the market. That means, you will be nearly independent from the public electricity grid then.

Excess electricity can be used for air-conditioning or heating, to heat your pool in autumn to prolong the bathing season, to run your garden pond’s pump, etc.

Today, the useful life of photovoltaic systems exceeds the term of 30 years.

By installing a photovoltaic system, you furthermore contribute significantly to saving CO2.

We also design and plan commercially used photovoltaic systems of all sizes – whether they are intended to cover your own needs or serve as a power farm for public grid supply.
We’re pleased to provide you with profound and competent advice.